• Does your business experience higher call volume than your current staff are able to attend to efficiently?
  • Have you found that as a small business owner you spend more time on the phone booking appointments than you should?
  • Is the cost of a full time receptionist not feasible at this point?
  • Do you find you put down something important, to answer your phone to find out it's a telemarketer?

  • If any of these situations describe you or your business, then you have come to the right place. The aim of our business is to help you keep your running costs to a minimum whilst keeping the integrity and efficiency to high standards.


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    Who We Are And How We Will Help You

    Aid To Small Business has over 20 years experience in the industry, proudly based in Australia. We have serviced a variety of clients throughout the years from Doctors, Psychiatrists, Carpet Cleaners, to Party Entertainers.

    All our operators are English speaking professionals who are able to adjust their thought process quickly. During our time, we have learnt the finer details required to assist you with YOUR business.

    Potential customers are quite often lost due to calls going to voicemail. In this day and age, another business is found quicker via the internet than the time it will take you to listen to your voicemail and return the call.

    Engaging our services will allow you to concentrate on the important details, like generating income or servicing existing clients.

    All our clients have tailored scripts so your clients get a personalised experience every time.

    When we answer your calls we have many options available:

  • Book an appointment. Our staff are trained using various booking systems. Paper and digital. Advise which method you prefer. And of course privacy is of utmost importance.
  • Transfer the call to yourself or a member of your team
  • Give a quote
  • Take a message with the option to have it sent to you immediately via sms or email OR we can send you an email at the end of the day with all messages
  • Calls that are deemed urgent can be given priority over those that are not
  • Our staff familiarise themselves with your business location so if your client is simply lost, they can be given directions or features of the building.

  • No matter how big or small your company is we are happy to help. Even if it is only while you are taking a break.